The Society was registered with Circle Registrar Co-operative ICT Islamabad under registration # 1978-81 /CRI/B dated 05-09-1983.

Purchase of land further housing scheme started in Feb, 1992. The day to day working of the Society is governed by the Society by- lays and its manage and controlled by the Management Committee elected by the AGM by all members of the Society. The Elected MC further constitutes sub-committees for the distribution of work load. The sub-committees comprise of elected executive members and external professional as empowered by the By-Laws of the Society.

The MC is elected for three years in an AGM. 13th AGMs and One Special AGM have been held up till now. The 1st AGM was held on 2nd October 1991, the 13th AGM was held on 17th December, 2016 and Special General Meeting was held on 20th April, 2013. Thus the present MC is the 10th elected MC.